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Lawn Maintenance Tips – Lawn Care That Helps Bring Out Its Full Potential

Every gardener whether at home or in commercial places wants to have a garden with well maintained lawn as it is stunning and brings out the beauty of a place. Furthermore, a healthy lawn is useful in other ways as it helps in trapping dust, releases oxygen and helps in air conditioning resulting to the well being being of the people living around.
With this in mind therefore, it paramount to apply the best lawn maintenance tips to ensure that the lawn is maintained at the top most standards and that it serves the intended purposes. This article brings to right important lawn care tips that will enable a lawn bring out its full potential.
Just like any other living thing, grass require to be fed in order to grow healthy and look appealing. Feeding also helps in controlling weeds as well as other unwanted plants as it give room for the grass to grow and suppress any other plant. There are fertilizers that are designed for feeding in different seasons and they applied according to manufacturer’s advice. Furthermore, chicken manure and sulphate of ammonia can also be used. Feeding is done when the soil is moist or when rains are expected to ensure full utilization. The recommended season for feeding is during spring and summer as the grass has adequate room to grow and stay green. It should not be done during winter as grass flourishes just to end up being damaged by the harsh weather conditions, pests and growth of other unwanted plants that do well during winter.

Unwanted plants as well as moss end up chocking the grass and destroys the appearance. Removal of all unwanted plants is also another way of maintaining a lawn that brings out it full potential. Weeding is best done manually as one can easily see the unwanted plants and uproot them. Uprooting the weed helps in preventing its regrowth and it is also gentle on the grass as opposed to using machinery.
Sow the areas where the grass is sparsely grown

After weeding has been done, it is now easy to identify the areas where the grass is sparsely grown. To ensure well grown lawn, it is paramount to sow seeds in this empty spaces. The ground surface must be broken up by a fork, the soil is made fine and the seeds are evenly distributed in the area being planted. A rake is then used to incorporate the soil and the seeds so that the seeds are slightly covered. If there are no rains one may water the area to ensure that the seeds germinate within seven to ten days. If there are birds pests one may be required to use a net to cover the area planted until the seeds germinates.

It is important to carry out frequent mowing in order to main a lawn in good health. The best time to mow a lawn is during spring and summer as harsh winter conditions are likely to destroy the regrowing grass. Mowing must be done by a profession or a well trained person so as not to damage the grass. Additionally, the selection of the lawn mower must be carefully done to ensure that the correct machine has been selected for the job to be done. As the grass has different growth seasons the mowing height must be adjusted depending on the season in order to bring out the desired results and at the same time avoid causing damage on the lawn. For better results, grass must be mowed when completely dry.

Watering is preferably done during dry seasons as it ensures that the grass remain green. However, one should be careful not to over-water as grass is likely not to go dry as soon as a dry season sets in. Watering once in seven days is enough.
To sum it up, lawn care is crucial as it ensures that the garden is appealing and the grass remains healthy. Proper lawn care is also a way of saving on time and money that would have been spent replanting a whole garden after destruction as a result of lack of maintenance. Mowing to the correct height, sowing the empty spaces and weeding are important steps that must be taken as way of maintaining a lawn. Moreover, adding fertilizers and manure ensure that the grass remain healthy always and it is able to withstand any harsh weather conditions.

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