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How to Maintain Your Gutters

Although gutters may seem like they are difficult to maintain, once you do the initial cleaning, upkeep isn’t that hard. We at Professional Houston Roofing see our client’s gutters having maintenance issues all the time, and this is the advice we give them to get their gutters back in shape.

 To get started you’ll want to clean all of the leaves and goop out of your gutters. You can use this for mulch in your yard! If your gutters are full of dead leaves it won’t drain properly and will also leave mold inside your gutters.

 From here you’ll want to check your drain pipe. This is important because your water is going to need somewhere to drain out of, and if this is clogged your gutters will begin to sag.

Next you’ll want to check the spikes that hold your gutters up. Overtime these spikes can loosen and your gutters won’t be fastened correctly. You may need to invest in new spikes to re-fasten your gutters to your roof.

What You Need to Check Your Gutters For

You need to check your gutters for any points that leak, this includes cracked caulking and holes. You can easily replace the caulking by chiseling the old caulking away, thoroughly drying the area, and then applying a new bead.

You’ll also want to check the rivets in your downspout. They usually come loose or fall out, so you’ll want to replace these. If you don’t have a rivet gun you can get one at a hardware store for under $20.

Cleaning Your Gutters

 You can clean your gutters by hand or with a leaf blower. We suggest doing both so that you can get all obstructions clear from your gutter. Start by blowing leaves out of the top of your gutters. Remove any remaining obstructions by hand. Proceed to cleaning your drainpipe. If water isn’t flowing freely then you will have to remove the clog with plumber’s auger. Push it from the bottom up when doing so. This should remove your gutters of all of it’s obstructions and allow it to flow freely.

Finishing Your Gutter Maintenance

Once you’ve finished repairing and fastening your gutters you can give them a quick cleaning with a pressure washer. You can rent one for about $60 if you don’t already have one. Be sure when doing so that you don’t angle at your shingles. You wouldn’t want to blow them off your roof!

If your gutters are rusted out then you may want to replace them altogether. Newer gutters are made from materials that don’t get weathered or rusted, so it’d be a worthy investment.

Also, if you don’t already have a downspout on your gutter you’ll want to add one. It will keep water from creating trenches and water from rising up towards the foundation of your home.

The best times to continue maintenance on your gutters is during fall and summer when you’ll have an excess of leaves in your gutters. The more often you do so, the easier it’ll be, and the better your gutters will be.

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