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5 Fresh Mosaic Tile Looks for Kitchen Backsplash

Refresh your kitchen and improve the value of your home with a dynamic kitchen backsplash. Whether you’re planning a total kitchen makeover or looking for a simple solution to improve your kitchen design, check out these 5 fresh mosaic tile looks for kitchen backsplash. Compare prices and find great discounts on your favorite designs when you shop online.

A kitchen backsplash is an important blend of function and fashion. Not only does it protect your walls from spots and stains as you work in the kitchen, but it also provides you with a stunning accent to your countertop and cabinets. Some backsplash designs blend seamlessly into the wall and create an unbroken line from countertop to the cabinet. Other backsplash designs are chosen to give a kitchen a burst of color and playful patterns. These fresh mosaic tile options can be used as a focal point to a new kitchen remodel or they can be an affordable way to upgrade your current kitchen.

1. Glazed Ceramic Tile

A common option for many kitchens is glazed ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles are durable and affordable and glazing prevents stains and other damage in high-traffic areas of your kitchen. Clean white tiles provide an elegant backdrop to most kitchen designs.

This particular ceramic tile option offers a few surprises. Rustic edges offer an artisanal touch to the otherwise pure white tiles. The slightly distressed edges give just enough personality that these tiles fit in well in a farmhouse style, as well as in an industrial modern kitchen.

2. Subway Tiles

Another timeless option for a kitchen backsplash is the subway tile. Choose a white matte subway tile to create a flawless backsplash that will last for years to come. Clean, white subway tiles match nearly any decor, so your backsplash will survive years of remodeling, repainting, and new appliances.

These tiles are surprisingly affordable, making them an excellent option for large kitchens or for an affordable kitchen makeover. You don’t need to invest your entire budget to get stylish, high-quality tiles for your backsplash. Enjoy affordable prices on durable tiles for a versatile look.

3. Iridescent Glass Tile

A bold option for your kitchen is iridescent glass tile. Search for iridescent tile options to discover the incredible variety and unique personality of these vibrant tiles. The iridescent glass allows you to create a backsplash with the elegance and luxury of stained glass.

Go for a bold pattern of bright colors or choose a neutral, calming pattern for your kitchen. Iridescent tiles are perfect for brightening up a kitchen and giving an otherwise neutral design the pop of color it needs. You can find a wide array of colors available in iridescent glass, so you can customize your kitchen and then select a backsplash to match.

4. Peel and Stick Glazed Travertine Tile

Rustic and rugged, travertine tile offers plenty of character. The rough look and natural texture of travertine make it a perfect backsplash for a rustic kitchen. Whether you have a similar stone countertop, butcher block countertops or solid surface options, travertine offers lots to love.

This travertine mosaic is a peel and sticks backsplash tile. This means that you can easily attach it as a DIY project. Save money on your backsplash design. Whether you install it yourself or hire a  rofessional, this quick-and-easy option cuts down installation time, cost and stress.

5. Herringbone Tile

Few designs are as iconic and memorable as herringbone. Herringbone tile is sure to be an unforgettable feature in your kitchen. The elegant lines and the cool, refreshing look of these white stone tiles add up to offer a timeless look. Thanks to the mesh backing, these tile sheets make it easy to achieve a perfect herringbone look without hours of careful arrangement.

Invest in a luxury kitchen or give your current cabinets and countertops a much-needed accent with herringbone mosaic tile. The subtle white stone helps this backsplash blend in with any kitchen decor, while the eye-catching herringbone pattern adds luxury and style to your home.

Explore More Backsplash Options

These five are just a few options you can choose for your new kitchen backsplash. For more inspiration on mosaic tiles for kitchen, shop today at Mosaic Tile Outlet. Compare patterns, finishes, styles, and materials to discover the perfect backsplash at a great price. Take your kitchen design to the next level with these affordable tile options.

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