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The Top Five Exterior Design Rules to Follow

Everyone wants a house that looks uniquely spectacular. However, no one wants a house that clashes with the neighbourhood and stands out like a sore thumb.
It’s not easy to design a house’s exterior. There are several aspects to it and one mistake may end up destroying the whole design. Exterior design is certainly no job for amateurs.
Every design has to abide by a few design rules in order to turn out great. Below are five basic principles that are commonly used in exterior design.

Shapes vs. Symmetry

Balance is very important when it comes to design. Most houses should look symmetrical so they appear properly designed.
There are several ways to make an exterior symmetrical. Sometimes symmetry is obvious; sometimes it isn’t. As long as you take care to make your house look balanced, it’s going to turn out great.

Form Follows Function

This phrase was coined by Louis Sullivan. What it basically means is that the building should be designed based on what it is meant for.
A house’s exterior will always follow the interior design. If you’re an artist and need large windows in order to get natural light, the exterior will have to change accordingly. If you want to put an extra room above the garage, the exterior will have to change to balance the window of that room. The interior design of a home will always affect your house’s exterior.

House Materials

There are a huge number of options when it comes to the materials that you can use to build your home. But how does one choose?
Remember that your house should reflect your personality. If you want an ultra-modern home, go with simple wood or sleek steel lines. If you want something that looks like it’s out of the countryside, you may opt for cedar shingles and tumbled stones.
Don’t forget that durability is also important. Don’t choose an item that will look spectacular but will only last a few years. Remember, this is your home.

Colour Combinations

The sheer volume of colour combinations that exist is enough to leave anyone reeling. To make things worse, the way you colour your house can hide problems or, when done badly, can draw attention to them.
The safest way to choose your colour is to use two shades of the same colour. Contrast both shades by putting one on the body and the other on the trim. You could use a third colour for the door.
Colours can play tricks on people’s eyes. You can use different approaches to make your house look taller or even to draw attention to your entrance. Speaking of which…

Consider your Entryway

Your entryway is usually the first place that people will look at. It is imperative that your entryway be designed well. There are several ways that you can do that, starting by painting your door.
You can also add plants, door knockers, porch seating and even rugs to add to the beauty of your house’s entrance.
As you can see from the list above, there are very many options that you can choose from. Look at all the factors (cost, durability, aesthetics, etc.) and then make your final choice. Above all, follow the tips above and you’ll end up with a beautifully designed exterior.

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