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5 ways to spruce up your home for Diwali

Diwali is just around the corner, and it’s time to start decorating your home. We present 5 easy home décor tips to get you started.
The festival of lights is upon us, and you have probably started cleaning the house. But once it is cleaned, you want to do something to liven up the house for Diwali. Confused about where to start? We sort you out with easy home décor ideas

1 Lighten up the walls.

There’s certainly a lot to be said for going pastel on the walls. The lighter the colour of the walls, the more light they reflect. And so, the house looks brighter and bigger than before. This is a good home décor idea for smaller homes. In any case, painting the house in time for Diwali works out well if you’re planning to host friends and family for a round of card parties.

2 Get the lights.

Lighting is an essential home décor element for Diwali. The festival of lights cries out to each and every person to light up their homes in an extra special way during this season. Diwali decoration comprises adding a variety of lighting options to the home, from tea lights to diyas, and from large statement pieces to smaller corner lights. We suggest adding a glamourous chandelier to your large living room this season – it becomes the focal point of the room and creates a dashing ambience. Meanwhile, you can hang strings of twinkling lights to the windows and walls.

3 Make the kitchen more festive.

Why relegate the kitchen to a drab existence when you can use some simple décor ideas for the home this Diwali? Get a colourful metal or glass kettle for your morning cuppa, hang a string of fairy lights under the shelves, arrange your herbs and spices in glass jars, and get new serving plates and bowls to serve Diwali sweets in.

4 Add traditional home décor items around the house.

Diwali is a traditional festival that celebrates new beginnings. You can channel the cheer and festive spirit by adding ethnic touches to the house. You can start off with these traditional Diwali decorations: a statue of Natraj for the mantelpiece, or a large brass lamp at the entrance of your house. If you have a garden or a driveway, you can line it with copper or brass figurines on one side. Even better, hang metal lanterns with space for a candle inside.

5 Add gorgeous wall art symbolising Diwali.

The best and easiest home décor tip for Diwali is to redo the wall art in your house, albeit for a temporary period. You can hang a gorgeous abstract of Goddess Lakshmi on the living room wall. Or a series of paintings depicting lights, crackers and festivities on a bare wall in your bedroom.

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