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Top 5 Must-Have Practical Fall Accessories for Men

Women’s must-have accessories have always hogged the fashion industry’s spotlight. What about men’s? Like it or not, men do not have endless options in terms of fashion styles to choose from. Most often than not, men usually make do with what is available for them.

But this does not mean that these testosterone-fuelled individuals cannot be fashion forward just like the opposite sex. This is where accessories become men’s best friend.

A great way of introducing colour, texture and detail to every man’s look is by adding an accessory or two or three. Whether you like to keep your style clean and simple, rugged and edgy or unique and bold, chances are there is at least one accessory that emphasises your taste and style and is practical at the same time.

And what better season to either redefine your style or catch up with the growing popularity of practical accessories for men than the fall season. We’ve rounded up the top 5 practical yet stylish accessories that every man should have, from socks to bespoke cufflinks to a chic pocket square.

1. A pair of cufflinks

Cufflinks not only offer an overall professional look but also add style and bedazzles even the simplest shirt. These accessories tell people that you mean business. They also speak elegance and, with a hint of personal touch, make you stand out.

Thanks to the fashion industry’s push for innovation, there are thousands of different cufflink designs, from classic ones to custom-made ones. Finding one that best suits any occasion, be it formal, casual or themed, is easier now than decades ago.

2. Pocket square

The pocket square has come a long way from being used for hygiene purposes to being fashion-forward accessories. Back then, handkerchiefs were placed in breast pockets so that they won’t mix with other objects such as coins in trouser pockets.

Then, the upper-class men started folding these handkerchiefs in varying ways and wearing them in their breast pockets during formal events until such time that the pocket square became a staple in gentlemen’s attire.

Not only does it complement the look be it casual or formal, but also it is sometimes used as conversation starters for those who have a difficult time mingling with the crowd. How you fold the handkerchief determines the image you would want to portray.

3. Necktie

Whether for work or an event, every man needs at least a single necktie. This necessary and practical accessory completes an overall getup. If you don’t need more than 5 ties, then go for one that easily matches with whatever suit you have.

4. Money clip

Successful men make the best impression by carrying cash not in their wallets but in clips. Yes, money clips allows you to carry cash around in an organised fashion.

5. Funky socks

This subtle accessory speaks a whole lot about the person wearing it. Plus, funky socks are great conversation starters during gatherings. One can only guess what colour your socks are.

We know it takes a lot to keep up with the fast-changing trends in the industry, from futuristic suits to novelty cufflinks to statement shoes. No matter what your taste or style, you can channel that through the accessories you pick that best complements your overall look.


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