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Smoking Causes 5 Worst Diseases

The smoking is one of the reasons that have increased death rates in the world. People smoke a cigarette to make themselves relaxed and stress-free. However, it is just for short period of time, even they feel anxiety again to have other cigarettes. It continues, and one gets addicted to it. You can find different things available that can help to reduce smoking and life healthy life, and it is none other than e-cig.

Smoking is directly affecting various parts of the body, which in the long run can give birth to dangerous diseases. It is true that smoking can cause death, but before it, you can find many facets, which create for human life. It affects even our skin and can cause some dangerous disease that makes life miserable.

It is very hard for one to stop it and so one must try for the substitute that can help to the safe adverse effect of tobacco. One such thing is e-cig which gives the same feeling of cigarettes but is comparatively safe. The thing that makes it safe is e-liquid which is coming in different flavors and opting for nicotine free. It will not have any dangerous effect on our health. It is time for one to change their smoking habit and use e-cig with best e-liquid. You slowly get rid of this addiction.

Diseases caused by smoking

Smoking affects our entire body, and slowly it takes the form of the different illness. It is tough for an addicted person to get rid of it. Various dangerous diseases are caused due to smoking which can ruin your life. The main reason for such diseases is tobacco that gets entered inside the body. Many harmful chemicals are present in tobacco, which can lead many fatal illnesses. E-cig is an option, which also has the same feeling as smoking, but it uses e-liquid instead of tobacco. You can find e-juices in different flavors, and one must opt for the best e-liquid, which does not harm our internal organs.

Lung Cancer

One of eth mist dangerous disease that is caused due to smoking is lung cancer. According to research, maximum people who suffer lung cancer are smokers. It is more to one who is addicted to smoking as one inhales more it will make hard for organs to work properly and can cause cancer.


One other significant disease, which is due to prolonged intake of tobacco, is the stroke. Our brain requires proper circulation of blood to work, but due to tobacco and other harmful chemicals, the whole flow gets disturbed. Due to this reason, the brain cannot get required blood, and it can lead stroke. One who is caught by stroke can have the disease like paralysis, abnormal brain function and can even result in death.


Smoking is nothing else than inhaling chemicals inside our body. Asthma is one of such disease which is due to effect in lungs. It does not allow lungs to function properly and can make it hard to breathe. It is an illness that makes it harder to breathe and in adverse condition can lead an asthma attack.

Heart disease

The heart is said to be the primary organ of human body, and it is essential to function the hart properly. But smoking can affect our heart directly and can cause blockages. It means chemicals will make block thicker which will not allow flowing through arteries as required. The heart will not get required blood and oxygen which will disturb its functioning and thus increase pressure on the heart. It directly leads to heart-related disease including attack and can even cause death in adverse condition.


Everyone is aware of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which makes it difficult to breathe. This is one of the most dangerous diseases as it can cause different disability, which will make it hard to perform the routine task and lastly can even cause death. The adverse effects can make it very hard to survive a one will find it very hard to breathe after performing any activity. One who is suffering from such disorder will feel uneasy and hard to breathe only after climbing some stair or even while doing any physical work. It is proved by researchers that people who smoke get caught by such disease.


These are some major diseases that are caused due to smoking, but this is not an end as you can find many other such diseases caused by smoking. One who wishes to have happy and long life must try to reduce tobacco use, and it is possible by moving to e-cig and make sure to have best e-liquid which does not harm our body.