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What to Expect in Smart Home Security for 2018

Home security is no longer a simple deadbolt on the door. It has evolved into wired alarm systems, monitoring centers,and now, smart home security.

People love the simplicity that smart homes bring, not to mention how incredibly effective they can be. As such, 2018 is going to be the year where the technology behind smart homes and the mission behind home security really collide. With such advanced systems, home security has never been more effective. Here is a look at what 2018 might bring to your home security system:

Upgrading Existing Systems

If you still have a wired home security system that has to be connected to a phone line and merely alerts you if a door or window gets disrupted, then you officially have an outdated alarm system. 2018 will be the year of upgrades. As people realize there is an abundance of new technology available to them, they will make the switch in an effort to better protect their homes and their families. This can include upgrading to a wireless alarm system, with no risk of downed phone lines or cut power lines. It could also mean including motion sensors, video cameras, and smartphone notifications.

Incorporating Apps for Alarm Control

Many home security systems come with a compatible app, and in 2018, there will be an influx of even more. The apps will allow users to remotely check in on their security cameras, get a notification when their kids arrive home from school, ensure all the doors are locked, and so much more. With home security apps, protecting your home is literally at the tips of your fingers.

Adding Facial Recognition to Home Alarm Systems

It is already used in businesses for their highly classified areas, and it has made its way into smart phones, and in 2018, facial recognition will probably start showing up in high-end home security systems. Facial recognition can be used in home security in many ways, including granting access to the home, detecting unrecognizable faces, and making sure everyone is home when they are supposed to be.

IntegratingMany Facets into One Security System

Many corporations already use integrated security systems, and in 2018, they are going to be used more frequently in homes. An all-inclusive security system ties in customized facets of security to make your system as complex as you want it to be. You can include IP-based video surveillance, intrusion alarms, video monitoring, motion detectors, fire and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide and flood sensors, and so much more.

Improving Child safety

If you are a parent, you understand the importance of children’s safety. Your kids are probably one of the main reasons you got an alarm in the first place. And in 2018, the capabilities for protecting your kids are only going to improve. With smart home advancements, you can be updated as soon as your kid gets home, and you can make sure they don’t leave without you knowing about it. Cameras will also make it easier to keep an eye on any babysitters so you know for sure they are taking care of your kids how you expect.

Working with Virtual Assistants

A smart home wouldn’t be a smart home without a virtual assistant. By simply speaking the designated name and saying a command, you can pretty much control everything in your home (as long as you have the coordinating equipment). In 2018, even more alarm systems will be compatible with this technology. You can command Alexa to arm your security system, or tell Siri to turn off the alarm. There may even be cameras that can integrate with certain virtual assistants so you get full reports if anything should go awry.

This is an exciting time for home security. Many of the high-end technologies that used to only be available for commercial settings or in multi-million-dollar homes are now becoming mainstream. And many technologies are brand new to the market and yet they are still making their way into millions of homes. Homeowners have more options than ever to protect their loved ones and their possessions—and they aren’t just better at protection, they are simpler to use. It’s clear that 2018 is going to be an exciting year for the smart home security sector.