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Meditation and Sound Healing: A Mini Guide

The process of healing empowers the mind and body to achieve optimal functioning. The sound therapy is used as an instrumental tool to fasten the pace of healing. The primary goal of every single type of meditation is to provide us with a physical and mental balance by actively removing the elements responsible for causing imbalance such as anxiety and depression.

The point of unity in meditation and sound healing therapy is that; simple meditation utilizes breathing whereas in sound healing therapy the heart touching sounds are used for the meditation purpose. The heart touching sound waves are used in sound healing meditation which in turn produce specific waves known as the delta waves. These waves play an active role in the release of hormones that are beneficial for healing and compliment deep meditation.

The most interesting feature of sound healing therapy is that the melodious songs and musical tones greatly helps in the uplifting of the nervous system, aids in experiencing deep meditation, and are powerfully effective at changing our thought patterns from negative to positive ones.  The vibrations of the sounds can even touch the complex areas of your brain and induce an element of relaxation. Sound waves can easily make their way through the blocked zones and help our bodies to maintain homeostasis.

The sound frequency of tuning forks can be used as a strategic tool to unlock the bonds of energy and counter the problems associated with physical pains. The scientific cause behind the use of the sound tool in meditation therapy is that it can boost our immune system, decrease stress, and lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Sound healing can be stated in terms of a massage therapy for the mind and body. The fantastic feature of sound therapy is that it changes our perception of noise and it works on the trauma areas by stimulating the brain and absorbing the sound without being judgmental.

This knowledge expands well past the domain of sound. As we can change sound into something positive, through care, we can bring a feeling of amicability and acknowledgment to any troublesome condition. However, as we approach our day, we may experience moments of frustration and anger that are regarded as the commotion of everyday life. Through care, we can change our response to these moments and experience something great and positive from them.

Research demonstrates how noise can alter the normal state of mind. Light music can generate a quiet and peaceful feeling while the sound that is loud and distorted can be the reason for bothering and upsetting the natural condition of the brain. The meditation of Sounds and Thoughts slowly uncovers the likenesses amongst sound and thought. Both show up as though from no place. Both can appear to be irregular, and we have no control over their emerging. Both are colossally strong and convey gigantic energy. They trigger intense feelings and powerful emotions that can cast a significant impact on our life.

Author Bio:

Odette Cecilia, originally from Venezuela, learned intuitively to meditate through creative visualization. Her depth of spirit led to her interest in and love of the healing arts, and most specifically, the use of sound frequencies and music to enhance spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being in others.

As a Sound Healing Meditation Therapist and Reiki Master, Odette has worked in the US and globally providing sound healing meditations. Odette Cecilia uses the harp, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and other instruments in conjunction with guided visualization and meditation in the sound therapy that she offers to both individuals and groups. You can learn more about Odette at her website