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How To Lose More Weight While Exercising and Dieting?

Being overweight is a serious problem to many people although the number of diet products is available on the market today. The media is constantly coming up with the “next big thing” to help you lose weight effectively, and the array of products can include pills, teas, patches and exercise equipment.

The media is telling you to lose weight

The message the media are conveying and sending out is the fact that being overweight causes negative effects on your health. Therefore, you need to do something to lose weight and get a healthy life.

Once you are obese, you can suffer from mental disorders such as bad feelings or depression, not to mention some people feel isolated. Thus, you had better end up feeling bad about your weight and you should avoid being too depressed. The important thing you should understand that genetics also play a major role in your size.

Genetics are important in your weight

It is undeniable fact that someone who has large bone will never has stick thin. Similarly, someone who has small bone is unlikely to become huge.

There are some main reasons which explain the obesity problem in many people.

Some major causes of being overweight

For most people, being overweight stems from some causes. The first reason is that many people are consuming an excessive amount of fast food. Another reason that should be mentioned is the unhealthy diet is so popular among many young people. In addition, the lack of doing daily exercise because of busy lifestyle and their laziness which is a contributing factor to a high rate of being overweight today. Besides, you might have faced to some kinds of underlying medical problem such as hypothyroidism, in this case, you need to your body be checked out. If this is done, you will prevent or reduce the incidence of obesity at a greater level.

You’re eating wrong foods

If you are not losing weight, the first place you should be looking is the kitchen. Some people focus all their energy on burning off calories that they don’t take the time to consider what they’re putting in as fuel. While the exact foods you should be eating depend heavily on your body type, metabolism, and other factors, a good rule of thumb is to stick to all natural, whole foods.

Eat most of your starchy carbohydrates (like potatoes, brown rice, grains) on days when you do strength training or more rigorous exercise. On your rest days or when you’re doing light cardio, try to stick to just protein and veggies and not a lot of those starchy foods. You should avoid excess bread, sugar, and anything else that’s processed.

You’re eating too much

If you’ve already cleaned up your diet big time and you’re still not losing weight, it may be that you’re simply eating too much. In order to shed pounds, your body needs to run a calorie deficit, meaning you need to burn more than you consume. That being said, you shouldn’t have to deprive yourself either.

Eat whenever you are hungry and eat slowly enough so you can stop just before you get full. Healthy snacking during the day will keep you from overeating during meals. And you don’t be afraid to give yourself ‘healthy’ cheats, like a few chocolate-covered strawberries or coconut chia seed pudding.

Your body is under too much stress

Exercise is a stressor on your body. When you have a healthy balance of exercise-related stress and recovery time, your body is healthy and can lose its excess fat. However, not giving your body enough time to recover can also be a negative  as you’ll start to produce an excessive amount of cortisol, a stress hormone.

However, when your body is exposed to cortisol for longer periods of time, it starts to cause negative effects, like stubborn fat in areas you don’t want. Exercise isn’t the only stressor that can produce excess cortisol. A stressful personal or professional life can also make your body produce too much of this hormone. When you stop exercising, your body stops producing cortisol; however, it may not be quite as easy to turn off the mental stressors going on in your life. Make sure you’re keeping your mental and emotional health in check in addition to your physical health. You should strive for total-body wellness.

How to Lose Weight Fast

If you want to lose weight faster, you’ll need to eat less and exercise more.

Weight loss is actually simple

There is a simple fact that if you are eating too much fast food or junk food (chip, fried chicken…) and you maintain a sedentary lifestyle such as keeping their eyes glued to their screen or attached to their sofa all day), you are likely to be obese. However, it is not tough to lose weight effectively if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and daily exercise. For example, people should sit less, eat more vegetables, eat less processed food, or drink less alcohol.

Exercising for weight loss

When it comes to successful and lasting weight loss, eating well is only part of the battle. Physical activity will help you inch closer to your goal by burning calories and building muscle. However, that is not the only reason to make exercise part of your daily life. Exercise also helps prevent many health problems, decreases stress, and makes you feel better.

Regular exercise has many benefits to lose weight:

– You must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Exercise helps you do this. The more you exercise, the less you need to reduce your food intake. Instead of eliminating 500 calories from your food choices alone, you can cut 250 calories from your daily diet and work off the other 250 calories at the gym

– Aerobic activity is great for burning calories, but strength training can also help you lose weight. By increasing your muscle mass, you increase your metabolism. When you replace fat with muscle, your body burns more calories at rest.

Exercise is not an excuse to eat much chocolate

Bear in mind, you are burning up calories in the gym doesn’t mean you can eat as many bars of chocolate bars as you wish. Weight loss requires some effective solutions in a long term by combining doing exercise and having a healthy diet. Physical activities, such as playing badminton or walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator – will help people to keep fit and stay in shape.

Diets for Fast Weight Loss

For rapid  weight loss, some people recommends focusing on fruits, veggies, egg whites, soy products, skinless poultry breasts, fish, shellfish, nonfat dairy foods, and 95% lean meat.

Here are more tips from Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, author of The Flexitarian Diet :

Eat vegetables to help you feel full.

Drink plenty of water.

Get tempting foods out of your home.

Stay busy — you don’t want to eat just because you’re bored.

Eat only from a plate, while seated at a table. No grazing in front of the ‘fridge.

Don’t skip meals.

Can you cheat?

If you want to lose weight but you don’t have much time to do everything, there are some ways that allows you to make things easier.

There is a new pill on the market called Capsiplex which is being used by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It is a special pill that has been made from chilli extract, this pill allows you to lose weight much easier than a diet and do exercise.

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