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How to Find Reliable Movers in Montreal

Moving House

Moving house is an extremely stressful experience for all parties involved. No matter how much planning goes into making sure the day runs as smoothly as possible, there always seems to be something forgotten, something that was overlooked. But that’s nothing to be put off by, it’s a natural, human thing to do.  Among others, some of the most easily forgotten things include arranging childcare (moving house with young ones underfoot is always a big challenge), making sure that the locksmith has been notified and new keys arranged, connecting the services and utilities at the new address, while remembering to have the ones at the old address terminated as well as tiny things like making sure that you have a little food ready for the day of the move just in case you can’t get to a shop. The biggest problem though for most people moving house is finding a reliable mover. This article is actually aimed more towards people moving house in Montreal and aims to help you iron out some of the problems faced when trying to find reliable Montreal Movers.

Moving in Montreal – The Pitfalls

Montreal is a big place and it’s a well known fact that moving companies there are constantly boasting about their services and why customers should choose them over anyone else. However, companies have been known to fabricate the truth in order to win customers, and will often just conveniently forget to do certain things. Some companies say they offer packing and unpacking services, however some customers have been known to report moving companies for being too heavy handed with delicate goods such as porcelain or china. Nobody wants a moving company that delivers what it says it does, but then proceeds to wreck our valuables.

Do Your Homework

It’s always worth checking with local trade offices and indeed the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to find out about the reputation of movers in Montreal. Another way of checking the reputation of a company is to look online in the Google business directory where you will often find that any satisfied (or indeed dissatisfied) customers will leave reviews for potential customers to read. Also look out for testimonials on the company’s website. If there are only two or three, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

Moving in Montreal needn’t be too difficult, as much like anywhere else the better local movers tend to be equipped for journeys to places as nearby as Vancouver, or indeed as far away as New York. The biggest test of reputation for any mover though is actually turning up on the day they say they will, at the time arranged. Some poor customers have been known to have to pay through the nose for an emergency last minute move because of a mix up in scheduling on the part of the movers. To prevent this from happening, it’s advisable to check at least one month before, then two weeks and then one week before, just to confirm the move, and indeed to set your own mind at ease.

To Sum Up

Moving house in Montreal should be as hassle-free as moving anywhere else, however it’s important to remember that just like anything else, preparation is key. So make sure that you do your homework and confirm the schedules three or four times, if anything just to put your own mind at ease.

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