Advantages of IIT Entrance distant learning program

IIT JEE- Advanced Technology

Prepare with advanced technology with various facts and good facility, this can be well achieved with the help of a professional staff’s who mold and guide you with innovative thoughts and good aspects. We are into various levels and test strategies which are conducted to choose the best level trainee to coach you and guide you as well. This helps us to find a better solution for students who approach us, to find their difficulties and solve their queries too. We work for your dream come true and our motto is to make your passion a live success. Our way of teaching is fully covered trough online systems which are easy to understand and you can be able to cope-up with best online facility and references are made after completion of each module’s in chapter wise format.

Online Facility

We are well versed with updated technology which is easily understandable by the students and can be learnt by themselves in case of absence. Our training is interior and we focus mainly on user interaction, any queries or suggestions asked by the students are cleared then and there to give them full support and to guide them with the best needs. We follow up latest online technology, but the mode of teaching is so simple and the staff’s we have hired are fully experienced professional. They understand how far you have covered in particular subject and accordingly they teach the rest to pick you up well and get trained in that subject.

Time Allocation

Prior to the discussion we will schedule timing and split each student into different batches and communicate with them through online. We forward main copy of subjects which are going to be covered before a week to intimate the timing and class which is scheduled for you through e-mail. This is a live interaction session, so you students can clarify doubts once the professional staff’s have completed their topic. Any queries or suggestion made by you will be referred and clarified immediately. This is a major advantage where we stand unique and proud to express our views toward the welfare of you students.

Study Materials

 This is a vital role where we prove ourself. A complete package of study materials will be distributed to the students for online referral. The links which are useful for them to refer and study will also be given. This is not done by every institute which is giving training in IIT JEE. This is a great advantage for you students to develop the innovative skills in particular subject and related topic as well. Prior to the intimation and information shared with you, we will schedule the batches and work accordingly. In case of any emergency, if you are not able to attend the online session. You don’t ever need to worry about the topic which is discussed. It will be kept as a referral link in previous session discussion topics, from which you can refer and watch the online discussion which is covered on a particular day.

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