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10 Secret Weapons to Have a Stunning Fashion Style

People still do judge a book by its cover. So if you look unkempt, you will most likely not be taken as seriously as someone who looks well put together.

But striving to be fashionable all the time can also be stressful. What accessories go well with your clothing? What to wear? There are indeed plenty of questions when it comes to achieving a great style. Good thing a reputable Dubai modeling agency graciously shares these secrets so you can dress up fashionably every day.

1. Great style does not necessarily mean heels and dresses.

Being fashionable does not always mean being super girly. You can also experiment with more casual pieces and even with menswear. For instance, you can pair a trench coat with your adorable sneakers, or glam up your basic white tee and denim jeans with a bejewelled bag.

2. Don’t let choosing your clothes ruin the rest of your day!

Have you heard of decision fatigue? This is the result of making a lot of decisions in the course of a day. Little decisions can add up and may eventually drain your brain of decision-making power.

So you shouldn’t waste your brainpower in the morning by spending too much time choosing your outfit. Instead, you should get rid of all the things you cannot or don’t wear regularly, and make sure that your wardrobe only has the staple pieces you like. By keeping your clothing choices simple, you will have plenty of energy to deal with real-life problems.

3. Investment pieces are a great deal.

Plenty of people think that they cannot afford high-end style. But by spending your money on an excellent investment piece that you can use for many years to come, you will definitely get more value. For instance, consider buying a tried-and-tested classic bag instead of wasting your money on cheap knockoffs that don’t last.

4. Fashion rules exist for a good reason.

Your personal style must suit your mood, resources, and lifestyle. However, you must not feel like you must break the rules just to create an exceptional personal style. Remember that classics are called “classic” for a reason.

5. Stop trying so hard.

If you decide to constantly chase the next trend, you may look like you are trying too hard. It’s better for you to have an authentic individual style. If you are juggling family, friends, social life, and work, it all boils down to balance. All you have to do is to dress simply and have superb accent pieces on hand.

You can just stick to the basics. It can be a great help to stick to a basic or favorite color palette such as grey, white, black, tan, and oatmeal. Add a bit of craziness with colorful, high-end accent pieces.

6. Some people just should not wear skinny jeans.

If you’re someone with a pear-shaped body type, consider looking for styles that elongate your figure. This will draw attention to your upper torso and help take the emphasis away from your lower half.

For instance, consider pairing dark colored bottom pieces with lighter patterns and shades up top. Avoid wearing skinny jeans. Instead, opt for those with a slight flare or boot cut. Showing off your shoulders is also an excellent way of drawing eyes onto your upper body.

7. Copy someone’s style.

Everyone’s style must be unique and not look like someone else; however, most fashion insiders know that style is not a destination but a journey. And an excellent way to fast-track that is to look for style icons that speak to you, like Jennifer Aniston, the Duchess of Cambridge, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett or Jessica Alba.

Figure out what aspects of their fashion style relates to you so it can be your guide to you discovering your own unique fashion style.

8. Ask for help.

Don’t hesitate to ask your friends or perhaps even a talent management agency if you need fashion help. Just like asking help with geometry or algebra, your closet is also a math problem. Professionals can help identify constants, exponents, and variables that will define and clarify your personal style.

9. Trends are not rules.

Do not be impulsive in buying all the latest trends when they do not go with your personal style. Remember that trends are just suggestions, not fashion rules. Your style is all about taking what is out there and combining it in a unique way that expresses who you are. In other words, it is not about becoming a clone or looking like everyone else.

10. A great outfit can easily be ruined by bad makeup.

Your makeup can either make or break a great outfit. Therefore, it is crucial for you to know what works best for you and what complements your color and features. A professional can help you determine how to make your clothing and makeup work together.

Looking fashionable does not mean wearing the most expensive clothes, the trendiest or mastering complex styling tricks. Sometimes, all it takes is simply following some fashion basics, adding the appropriate accent pieces, and developing your own personal style.


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